Found serenity, adventure and a new home in Javea

When we head to Spain, my wife and I, we almost always go to Andalusia. We actually are attracted to Spain. Oh yes we do! And we both had a quite few trips to this glorious country. This year we fancied having an alternative and so we opt to spend our holidays to Javea.  It proved well that the area has not only matches our travel needs but hugely exceeded it and we’re so pleased.

Javea is within Costa Blanca in the land of Valencia, province of Alicante. Javea is yet an even more diversified place than you can ever imagine and without a doubt, a preferred travel destination with plenty of places of interest. And we were pleasantly impressed at how legitimately Spanish Javea is when we would have liked somewhere that felt a little more Spanish. Other significant attraction of the place is represented by its impressive traditions and customs enhancing the culture of Javea natives. This is exactly why you’ll absolutely feel at home as it provides that special experience of experience and comfort to the travellers and holidaymakers.

Being further up from the equator, it’s not nearly as hot as the southern tip of Spain, but the weather is still warm hot.

Old white-washed buildings surrounding the narrow cobbled streets and architecture of Mediterranean design and style, the town itself is precisely what you’d expect. The place is generally within a large enclave on the Costa Blanca and it’s ideally situated, near a beautiful white sand beach and scenic scenery roads.

The Montgó Natural Park is specifically definitely worth seeing if you visit, and you’re able to rent a bike within the town itself.  We do not have youngsters to worry about, so we took a trip up the Montgó Mountain on our second day, this time by walking. Hiking as much as the mountain was an elite experience and worth the walk and work in particular once you reached the top and appreciate the breathtaking views of landscape and seascape it offers.  You will see Denia and north to Valencia, west out to sea and south Javea at the mountain. It’s wise to take lots of water and some lunch though as there’s no restaurants or food shops nearby and it takes a while to peak.

While you are still within the town, it’s better to go and see the “old town” part of Javea at the very least once. Right here you can discover the terrific Gothic fortress church from the fourteenth century or be intrigued on the historical lookout posts perched around the mountain tops which had been created to shield Javea from pirates and prospective invaders. You can also find some very nice views of the whole enclave from the cliffs located each side of the town if you would like to venture up them. It’s a great place for relaxing and sitting or eating packed lunch or picnicking

We’ve mostly covered all activities essential to totally enjoy the visit like eating (mostly in this lovely eating place in Javea Bay - Sofia’s Restaurant), scuba diving, lounging on the shore and on the sand at the sea. Basically, the week was spent in the surrounding area cycling or walking

We arrived in this area for that reason.

What makes us busy for the rest of our stay is looking for a villa for sale in Javea. The place is really great and our visit is truly worth it which makes us decide relocate entirely and to move out here within the year or so. We both really appreciated our stay. There are actually great deals of villas for sale and it’s confusing at the same time exciting but we managed to find a couple of ideal villas. The two of us still need to decide however which one is the most appropriate place for a new home for us.

The town is somewhat affluent, as it’s a very desirable location so there are villas that can reach a sale price in the several millions of Euros. Including the money from selling our current home, our budget would be around 300,000€ and with that amount, you can already obtain a well located quality property or villa with a pool.  A spectacular and a lavish villa with a great mix of both contemporary and classic Spanish architecture is what we are interested in a luxurious. A fairly large private garden and pool area is included. A villa near the canal but is not quite large yet similarly priced is what we are also thinking about. In contrast, we also found a very good 2 bed villa located high in the Castellans place of Javea that has superb picturesque views of the enclave from its spacious balcony, and is amazingly only half the price of the other two.  Even though it falls short of swimming pool area, the balcony well over evens up for it, and for 50 % the cost we could even sustain and rent our existing residential home for extra income source.

We are so excited to re-locate and live long in Javea. That’s how we really love Javea and we’re fallen deeply in love with it, the great houses, the people, the countryside and especially the beaches.  We only need to come up with the a selection on which home we want and which home money can buy and we’ll be both ready to make our new journey of starting out our new lives in this eye-catching country of Spain and in the worth staying place in Javea.



A survey by the Pew Research Center in conjunction with Rutgers University has found that social media doesn’t encourage discussion on controversial subjects. It may, in fact, cause people to stay quiet.

The survey, conducted among 1,801 U.S. adults, asked people about their willingness to discuss the Edward Snowden leaks on social media and in person. Social media users demonstrated a particular hesitance to discuss the topic — 86% of those surveyed said they wold be willing to have an offline discussion on Snowden, while only 42% of Facebook and Twitter users said they would post about it online.

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August 30th, 2014 - Lab bug shenanigans

Catalpa caterpillars are the escape artists of the sphingid family. My lab mate’s caterpillars manage to escape from any container she keeps them in. Found this guy in the next room over trying to find something to eat lol


*fist pump*

YES!!!  My lecturer okayed my research topic: 
Radiotherapy for Paediatrics

I’m actually excited about this, because it’s something I’m really interested in researching.