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A survey by the Pew Research Center in conjunction with Rutgers University has found that social media doesn’t encourage discussion on controversial subjects. It may, in fact, cause people to stay quiet.

The survey, conducted among 1,801 U.S. adults, asked people about their willingness to discuss the Edward Snowden leaks on social media and in person. Social media users demonstrated a particular hesitance to discuss the topic — 86% of those surveyed said they wold be willing to have an offline discussion on Snowden, while only 42% of Facebook and Twitter users said they would post about it online.

You can learn more about the study here.



August 30th, 2014 - Lab bug shenanigans

Catalpa caterpillars are the escape artists of the sphingid family. My lab mate’s caterpillars manage to escape from any container she keeps them in. Found this guy in the next room over trying to find something to eat lol



*fist pump*

YES!!!  My lecturer okayed my research topic: 
Radiotherapy for Paediatrics

I’m actually excited about this, because it’s something I’m really interested in researching.